What we do best

Market research thought leadership PR demand get content

Thought Leadership

Insights to engage your customers and the media.

Persona development, User experience, customer journey mapping

Customer Insight

Research to identify who your customers are, how they buy and how to engage with them.

NPD, focus groups, concept tests, market entry, segmentation, depth interviews

Market Growth

Test products and concepts and identify new buyers and new markets.

Thought Leadership

Research for PR and thought leadership

Market research is a great way to generate content for press releases, thought leadership reports and white papers. B2B buyers love to read insights that help them understand what’s driving purchase decisions, how buyers see the future, and how competitors are reacting to market trends. Used well, research-based insights can raise awareness of your brand and drive demand generation.


In theory it’s simple, but to rise above the chatter and say something new takes more than just picking a hot topic and asking a few questions. That’s where RedFox can give you the edge. 

We work with Tech businesses and their PR agencies to create an original but credible point of view that gives our clients a voice in the market.  Our background in B2B and Tech PR means we have a deep understanding of how thought leadership works, and a detailed knowledge of the technology sector itself. We can help you identify unique and engaging angles aimed at driving a fresh narrative which is fully in synch with your offer. And we have the research skills to write questions which will get to the heart of the issue, and turn data into accessible and eye-catching numbers.

And we won’t leave you there. Recommendations on themes and headlines, plus fact checking of reports and press releases are all part of our package, at no extra cost. RedFox can also support with copy and design, turning the findings into vibrant ‘must-read’ reports and web content. 

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Customer Insight

Research to help you connect better with your buyers.

At RedFox Research we use market research to help clients with:

· Persona development

· User and design experience

· Customer journey mapping

We believe that buyer understanding needs to go beyond internal workshops and customer anecdotes. They are all part of the mix, but, alone, they paint a self-fulfilling picture of what the buyer wants.


That can be a fatal flaw in the B2B and technology sectors, where the rules are constantly changing.  Buyer insights built on your past successes won’t help you build a vision of where the market is going, or how you need to change and evolve.  And they definitely won’t tell you how to sell into new market segments and to new customers.

We use workshops, depth interviews, focus groups and accompanied online shops to explore how buyers think and behave.  Often we’ll tap into your employees and your customers, but we’ll also bring in the perspective of the buyers who you haven't yet convinced – or who don’t even know they need your product..  

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Market Growth

Concept testing, market assessment and more.

When it comes to new products, websites, and shopping habits, you can’t beat seeing what people really do.  

We use observational and task-based techniques to see the choices consumers and business buyers really make when they are discovering and shopping.  And then we use focus groups and depth interviews to explore – and challenge - those behaviours.  

Downstream, we have the quantitative skills to measure and segment the market, giving you the hard numbers you need to build a business case for new products, channels or customer segments. Plus we work with some really hot stats guys to model different scenarios using techniques like Choice-based Conjoint.

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